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Fabric Popup Display Stand Image
Fabric Popup Display Stand Image
Fabric Popup Display Stand Image


Fabric Pop-Up Display Stands to Rent from Creo


If you are looking to exhibit a range of printed posters these Pop Up Fabric stands from Creo provide a great display solution to suit almost any venue.


Perfect for attaching posters using hook velcro.


Choose from a range of curved or straight Pop Up display frames of different widths, which can be covered in fabric panels on the front, back, or on both sides.


Main Features:

C33 - Standalone Curved Stand 2.4m wide x 2.4m high.


C34 - Standalone Curved Stand 3.0m wide x 2.4m high.


P31 - Standalone Straight Stand 1.4m wide x 2.4m high.


P32 - Standalone Straight Stand 2.2m wide x 2.4m high.


P33 - Standalone Straight Stand 3.0m wide x 2.4m high.


  • Frames can be linked to create larger stands or different shaped displays.
  • Posters can be attached on with "hook" velcro which can be supplied.
  • Option of printed branded panels on side endcaps or to replace any central fabric panel.
  • Assembly is quick and easy. There are no tools required.
  • We arrange for Delivery and Pick up. You set up and take down.
  • Display stands are packed and shipped in Roll Cases on wheels for easy transport.



Flat 1 Panel Pop-UpCurved 3 Panel Pop-UpCurved 4 Panel Pop-Up wth Counter
Flat 1 Panel Pop-Up wth CounterFlat 3 Panel Pop-Up wth CounterFlat Panel Pop-Up in Corner Configuration

Pop-Up Stands Configured for Larger Exhibition Spaces

Nomadic Display Pop-Ups are fully modular, making it very easy to combine flat and curved systems for larger spaces.

Curved Corner Pop-Up Configuration with ShelvesFreestanding Pop-Ups in Island configurationPop-Up Wall Configuration

Fabric Display Board Stands


If you need Fabric Display Boards to display Posters, Creo can rent Fabric Display Board Stands that can be used individually or integrated with each other to create even larger exhibits or displays.


Choose from a range of different size boards, covered in fabric front and back. Posters can be attached on both sides with "hook" velcro.


1200mm x 900mm size display boards are popular when used as standalone displays as they can accommodate up to A0 size posters.


Please call 1890 866 811 to speak to a display consultant to discuss Rental possibilities for your next exhibit, or simply email info@rent-a-stand.ie